Raptor Barrier Film


Barrier Film - Raptor 4" x 6" (10cm x 15cm) 1200pcs All-purpose barrier film without the sticky residue. Raptor Tattoo Barrier Film, easy to unravel and attach to any surface without leaving unwanted sticky residue. The blue barrier film is made with a non-stick edge on one side allowing for covering areas like the arms of chairs, machines, under the headrest, power supplies, lighting and other hard to cover areas in your workstation. The perfect way to protect and keep any workstation sanitary. • Comes in easy dispensing box with cutouts to feed the roll through • Perforated sheets that dispense easily from the dispensing box • Transparent blue colored sheets • 4 x 6” sheets, 1200 sheets per roll • Low tack adhesive does not leave any sticky residue

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