We began over 25 years ago in the United States as a professional piercing company. As dedicated and conscientious professionals we were determined to meet our customers' demands and began manufacturing top quality, diversified jewelry. After years of success in the United States and watching our export sales continue to experience enormous growth, we began opening offices throughout Europe and now Australia. We have earned our reputation in the industry as trend setters for our consistent top quality innovative designs. American Body Art is dedicated to serving our customers. We do that simply, we keep things simple for you by focusing on your three essential concerns: Quality, Design and Service.

Quality is number one at American Body Art. We use only the best medical implantation grade materials, ranging in prices that suit your customers budgets and needs. We adhere to The European Directive* and often surpass it by using only implant grade. Captive bead rings and barbell ends are rounded smooth for easier insertion. Extreme care is put into each piece of jewellery through each stage of its conception. From the use of implant grade materials to hand polishing, we make the extra effort so that your jewellery is flawless and will withstand the test of time.

Design is probably the most fun part of our work at American Body Art, but we take it very seriously. Our designers work tirelessly on new, versatile and exciting pieces of body jewellery. We introduced the stone setting to the market and continue to create pieces that entice new types of customers into the world of body jewellery. Our design selections vary from the traditional surgical steel barbells to intricate 18ct. gold pieces. No matter how simple or complicated the design, our finished product is always impressive. We serve our customers again because our jewellery sells itself!

Service is essential in any business and we want to help you better serve your customers. American Body Art offers quick and easy ordering, fast delivery, no minimum order restrictions and a general atmosphere that caters to our customers needs. We update our catalogues regularly with new, unique and cutting edge styles, while always using the best quality. We also offer marketing devices for you, such as a dynamic web site, a wide variety of display cases, posters and postcards.

We are ALWAYS open to suggestions and eager to please. American Body Art has enjoyed working for and with our customers and look forward to newer and greater opportunities to do so. Enjoy!!!