Hexko X - Power Supply



Hexko X - Power Supply The new Hexko Power Supply
The design and performance was created for the artist to work easily and at their best. Hardware and software optimization for processing speed. Easy-to-use interface and innovative features. The speed of the HEXKO touch screen is super fast.

- 5" TFT LCD 800x480 display with full touch screen capability
- Accepts standard 1/4" mono jacks clip cord and footswitch connections
- Voltage memory and name set up on mobile application
- Voltage presets with 8 machine memory and name modes
- Set jump start to easy click for hard starting machine
- Precision regulated set point voltage 1.3-17v dc
- Universal input 110-240V AC 50/60hz
- Non-volatile memory
- Machine real run time
- Session work run time
- Strong built in magnets under silicone allow for use on a variety of workstations

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