CleanSkin Premium Sea Salt Body Spray Aftercare


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CleanSkin Body is a premium vegan all natural sea salt saline solution that has been formulated by an Australian certified Pharmacist specialising in wound care. CleanSkin is isotonic using all natural sea salt from the clean waters of Australia as the key ingredient.

Isotonic solutions create an ideal healing environment, effectively cleansing the piercing of debris without damaging delicate tissue and growing cells. This assists the process of healthy wound healing to occur.

Sea salt has an advantage over pharmaceutical sodium chloride or saline, as it contains many trace minerals and elements. Many of these trace minerals and elements play a role in the various processes of healthy wound healing. Natural sea salt does not contain added chemicals or anticaking agents and has been harvested from the clean waters of Australia for purity.

CleanSkin Body has been preserved with a natural ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATRUE certified preservative system. A preservative is necessary to safeguard against contamination with microbes during use, as it is being applied to an open wound. Unpreserved solutions that are not effectively sterilized and strictly single use only can carry a risk of contamination that could unnecessarily impede healthy wound healing.
The preservative system in our product has been specifically selected as it is certified natural by ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATRUE and does not contain any GMO derivatives. Above all, it has demonstrated by the EWG to be non-toxic, which is paramount for healthy healing of delicate tissue.

All of this has been carefully considered in formulating a premium after care product, so you can be sure you are taking the best care of your piercing.

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