Spirit Freehand Stencil paper 100 Sheets



Spirit Freehand Stencil paper 100 Sheets


You are purchasing one box which has 100 sheets. THIS IS NOT THERMAL PAPER. Thermal paper is what you need if you have a THERMAL MACHINE.

Spirit Brand Hectograph paper

Spirit Master Hectograph Tattoo Transfer Paper. Draw or trace your stencils by hand.

Hectograph Paper - Spirit Brand (R) non thermal tattoo paper

Spirit Hectograph paper can be used in a Dot-Matrix printer or hand drawn to make a stencil from tattoo flash sheets or original art. Paper measures 8.5"X11". This is non-thermal Hectograph Tattoo Transfer Paper.

"205" grade Hectograph Paper. This is a paper-coated product, and the ink is transferred from the "carbon" sheet to the white "master" sheet by pressure or impact (writing or typing) instead of by heat.

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